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Because questions about employee benefits often come up, count on the MIA Insurance Broker expertise in this field to provide your clients with a quick and tailored response.

Get a review of your clients’ employee benefits solutions from MIA Insurance Broker!

MIA Insurance Broker, a French brokerage firm created in 1994, works with your clients at every stage:

1. Before the insurance plan is set up:
– Personalize the study to meet the regulatory specificities of your client’s business.
– Search for the best insurance solution in terms of quality/price ratio from around forty insurance partners.
– Offer a level of benefits tailored to your census.

2. During the set-up:
– Arrange for the plans to be underwritten by insurers.
– Support employees as the plan is rolled out.
– Set up a process for managing the plan (enrolment, termination, change of personal situation, etc.).

3. After the set-up:
– Track the administration of the plan (payment of premiums, relation with the insurers, etc.).
– Keep the proposed coverage up to date to remain in line with regulations and market practice.
– Remain available to answer your questions.

More than 200 consulting firms (payroll firms, lawyers, accountants, etc.) have already chosen to partner with MIA Insurance Broker. What will you do?

If you would like our firm to work with you, do not wait any longer:

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Why partner with MIA Assurances?

1. Our services are totally free and non-binding.
2. We have an international team available to answer questions from your English-speaking companies, and/or who have specific issues for international companies in France.
3. We have special agreements with our insurance partners to make it easier to set up and administer the insurance plans.
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