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Let's retrace the history of MIA Assurances...

In 2010, Mattias and Benjamin, two childhood friends, took over their father's firm, a French brokerage specialised in social protection for SME's, independant and foreign companies in France.

In 2011, they moved from their home to "real offices" in the heart of Paris.

In 2013, they hired their 1st employee.

Today, MIA employs 19 people and has been growing by more than 25% a year since 2019. All this without raising funds or external growth!

... and in a few figures, how does it look?

  • Over 300 new clients (mostly foreign) join us every year,
  • 5 languages spoken within the firm
  • Clients in over 25 countries,
  • 40 partner insurers,
  • More than 2,000 clients,
  • Nearly 30 years' experience!

MIA Assurances, a committed company

The firm is also committed to an eco-responsible approach, and continually strives, through simple and concrete actions (such as waste reduction, employee awareness-raising, etc.), to participate in humanitarian and sustainable actions (solidarity races, donations, etc.).

Our CSR actions

Want to know a little more about us?

Our uniqueness

Support foreign companies setting up in France and help them to deal with certain French complexities.

Our values

We are particularly committed to the quality of service we deliver to our customers, and to maintaining a good pro-perso balance among our teams.

Our goal

To become the reference for international companies wishing to develop their business in France

Our challenge

Engage our employees for as long as possible.

MIA Assurances expertise at your service

Since 1994, MIA has been helping companies and their advisors (lawyers, chartered accountants, payroll firms, etc.) to build, manage and develop their social protection schemes, with one essential aim in mind: to simplify social protection for you.

Requesting a study of your contracts by MIA Assurances is:

  • non-binding,
  • a considerable time-saver,
  • free of charge (we are remunerated by the insurers).

On receipt of your completed form, we will contact you to collect the information needed to study your request.

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Multi-dimensional consulting

MIA provides auditing, consulting and support services to companies and their managers, in complete independence from insurers.
Our expertise is focused on social protection issues: Health, Personal Protection and Retirement Savings are the main pillars.

Our firm is historically specialized in life and health insurance, and is involved in the three main features of insurance contracts:

  • Technical advice: insurance structures, assessment of cover and rates
  • Legal advice: legal compliance, URSSAF, collective bargaining agreements, tax, Prudhomme, etc.
  • Management consulting: selection of management center and IS, optimization of processes and resources

The team

Elisabeth DE SOUSA
Courtier associé
Courtier associé
Benjamin PARIS
Courtier associé
Responsable back office
Responsable marketing et projets
Chargé de clientèle
Coordinatrice back-office
Florian LAMARI
Chargé de comptes
Guillaume AUBRY
Chargé de comptes
International business manager
Chargée de clientèle internationale
Catherine ETIENNE
Assistante marketing et communication
Back office
Chef de produits et projets
Gabriela BITIU
Assistante technico-commerciale
Assistant back-office
Thomas CRETE
Chargé de comptes
Chargée de comptes

Our partners

Our clients