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Is one of your employees leaving and wants to continue to benefit from the company health insurance plan? This arrangement, which came into force in 2016, and is known as “portability”, is possible, subject to conditions! Find out what you have to do to offer this benefit to your employees.

What is portability?

As an employer, you have set up a company health insurance plan for your employees. If one of them leaves, and under certain conditions, they can continue to be covered by your company plan, thanks to the principle of portability. In this case, their expenses, and those of their dependents if they wish, will be covered by your plan with the same level of coverage as your employees. It’s important to know that the pricing of your company health insurance plan takes this possibility into account: i.e. if portability is activated, your former employee will have nothing to pay as their share is funded through a pooling arrangement.

Who can benefit from this arrangement?

To qualify for portability, the former employee must meet all of these conditions:
– They must have been enrolled in the company health insurance plan when they were part of the workforce,
– Their employment contract must have been terminated (except in cases of gross negligence),
– They must be receiving benefits from the French unemployment insurance scheme.

Portability is valid for a maximum of 12 months, regardless of your employee’s status (permanent, fixed-term or temporary). If, however, they had less than 12 months’ service with the company, they can keep the supplementary health insurance plan for the length of time they had been working with you (5 months on a fixed-term contract = maximum 5 months’ portability). As soon as your former employee joins a new company, or is no longer receiving unemployment benefit, they must inform you so that you can disenroll them from your plan.

How to benefit from this arrangement

The activation of portability, and therefore the continued provision of benefits under your supplementary health insurance plan, is automatic. Your employee won’t have to specifically apply for it, but they will have to provide your insurer with a certificate proving their entitlement to unemployment benefits.

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