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As a company or an employee, you’ll be asked to provide a certificate of compulsory supplementary health insurance. When is this document required and what is it for? In this article, MIA Assurances presents this document and explains why it’s essential!

If you are a company, be sure to obtain your tax exemptions!

You have taken out a compulsory supplementary health insurance plan for your employees, and perhaps also for their dependents. The purpose of this state-approved or “responsible” plan is to reimburse your employees’ medical expenses on top of the benefits from French Social Security. In some cases, and if they qualify, your employees can choose to be exempted. They will then no longer have to enroll in the company supplementary plan.

In this case, you must be able to explain the reason for your employee’s exemption if you have an inspection. This is because, as an employer, you benefit from an exemption from charges on your employer’s contributions, and this exemption is dependent on you meeting the obligation to provide a plan to cover all your staff.
You will therefore need to draw up and keep on file a certificate of compulsory supplementary health insurance, explaining the reason for the exemption. This certificate will need to be signed by the employee(s) in question.

If you are an employee and want to join your company’s supplementary health insurance plan

As a new arrival in your company, you want to benefit from the group supplementary health insurance provided by your employer but are already covered by your own private health insurance plan. You will then need to terminate your existing plan in order to avoid double coverage.

If you took out your private plan more than a year ago, you won’t have to justify terminating your insurance: a simple email or letter to your current insurer is sufficient to terminate the plan in a month’s time. However, if you have had the insurance for less than a year, you will have to justify your request for termination. In this case, you can ask your new employer for a certificate of compulsory health insurance: this document is all you need to justify your request.

If you are an employer and don’t have this certificate, please feel free to download our compulsory supplementary insurance certificate template. All you have to do is personalize it with your company data.

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