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Are you an international company starting a business in France? You can now complete your formalities online with your one-stop service for businesses. This simplified process aims to gradually replace CFE formalities, in particular with the M0 form.

What is the one-stop service for business formalities?

The one-stop service for businesses, Guichet Entreprises, was created to digitize the process of setting up companies in France. This organization collects the information and sends it to the Center for Business Formalities (Centre de Formalité des Entreprises or CFE), which continues to manage your application. It is also the CFE that sends your information to public bodies (URSSAF, CPAM, pension fund, etc.). Once you are registered with your CFE, via the Guichet Entreprises website, INSEE will issue your SIREN and SIRET numbers, and your APE code. You will need this information to issue your invoices.
The SIREN number is your national identifier and consists of 9 digits. It is your company’s legal identity number. The SIRET number consists of 14 digits: the 9-digit SIREN number + the 5-digit NIC number, corresponding to the geographical location of your company.
You will be automatically included on the SIRENE register, a directory where legal information about a company can be accessed.

How to access this service

If you are an international company and want to set up a business in France, you can go to the website and follow the steps set out there.

There are four steps to registering your business on

  • – Create your Personal Online Area,
    – Create your company with the following information:

Your activity,

Your location,

Your legal status,

Your supporting documents.

– Your application is approved online and sent to your CFE.
– You are notified when your application has been approved by the CFE.

As the role of the Guichet Entreprises service is solely to collect and transfer your application to the relevant CFE, if you have any questions you should contact your CFE.

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