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The role of National Collective Bargaining Agreements in French labor law is fundamental. Collective Bargaining Agreements set out the many rules impacting the organization and the rules within your company! Discover the practicalities of your National Collective Bargaining Agreement!

What is a National Collective Bargaining Agreement?

A National Collective Bargaining Agreement is an agreement signed by a trade union of employees and a group of employers. This agreement lays down a certain number of rules determining the working conditions of employees: days of leave, organization of working hours, levels of health and death & disability insurance coverage, training, conditions for terminating the employment contract, etc.
A Collective Bargaining Agreement therefore contains the rules applicable to all companies covered by that agreement. All companies are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement depending on its business sector and/or its geographical location. Each National Collective Bargaining Agreement is given its own number: this is known as the IDCC ID.

How to find out which National Collective Bargaining Agreement applies to your company

When your company is created in France, INSEE will assign you a NAF code and an APE code. These elements will enable you to determine which National Collective Bargaining Agreement applies to your business. In addition, to determine your Collective Bargaining Agreement, you should ask yourself the following question: what is my main activity? In particular, this will be the activity where you generate the most turnover and/or the activity where your wage bill is the highest.

How to find out about the agreement linked to your Collective Bargaining Agreement

When it comes time to implement your Collective Bargaining Agreement, and in particular to choose your company supplementary health insurance plan, you will need to read the signed agreement in detail. To do this, go to the Legifrance website and search by IDCC. You will then have access to the details of your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

To introduce a company health insurance scheme and find the best plan that meets the criteria of your Collective Bargaining Agreement, you can also call on the services of the brokerage firm, MIA Assurances:  our reviews are free and non-binding !

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