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If you’re not familiar with the French formalities to be completed in case of sick leave from work, MIA Assurances offers you an overview of the formalities to complete to declare an employee on sick leave and explains how to make a claim under the Death & disability benefit.

Declaring sick leave: how and why?

If you have taken out a Death & disability plan for your employees, they will continue to receive their salary when they’re on sick leave. When they notify you of their absence from work, they’re required to provide a document certified by their doctor indicating the duration of the prescribed absence. It is then your responsibility, as Human Resources Manager or Company Director, to declare this leave to the health insurance body and your company insurance plan.

You should therefore provide the certificate known as an “Attestation de travail” to the health insurance body within 5 days of becoming aware of the sick leave if you use the DSN. This certificate will include the salary usually received by the employee so that the health insurance body can calculate the amount of the daily allowance. Get the certificate templates to be completed at ameli.fr .

Then you will need to declare the sick leave to your company’s death & disability benefit provider to trigger the reimbursement of the portion payable in addition to the Social Security benefits. You will then have to follow the declaration procedure from your insurer and provide, as a minimum, your employee’s bank details and the amount of the daily allowance paid by the statutory health insurance scheme.

Income protection benefit: how does it work?

In the event of sick leave from work, as an employer you can continue to pay your employee’s salary: in this case, your employee continues to receive their salary and you receive compensation in return. Or, your employee receives a daily allowance from the health insurance scheme on the one hand, and on the other, an allowance from your death & disability plan. However, you should check the waiting periods stipulated in the plans you have taken out as the reimbursements from your death & disability plan will only be payable once the waiting period has expired.

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